Mobilizing public school alumni as a powerful force for change

We’re Ednium: The Alumni Collective. 


We’re a powerful coalition of young adults navigating our way through new jobs and careers, pursuing college and specialized training, and making big life decisions that would be easier if our K-12 education had better prepared us for life in the 21st Century.  


Based on our experience and perspectives, we’re on a mission together to ensure that every student leaves the public school system with the knowledge, skills, and agency to define and achieve success. And we’ll do this by collecting insights from alumni and offering them a space to develop leadership skills and an advocacy platform to move ideas into action. 


We know this will take multi-sector collaboration, so  join us as we support our fellow alumni in building and leveraging social capital to reinvent public education in Denver and beyond.


We're not waiting for an invitation to someone else's table. We're building our own.

TeRay Esquibel, Ednium Co-Founder and Executive Director