About The Lab:

Our first Lab took place in summer and fall 2019. We worked with over 150 DPS alumni between 18 and 30 years of age over the course of four Labs to rethink education based on their recent experience and expert perspective and former students. Additionally, we gathered insights via an alumni survey, a stakeholder survey, and from 20+ stakeholder interviews. A group of alumni analyzed the themes and identified priorities, summarized below. These priorities serve as Ednium’s “north star” as it works to create change within the DPS system.

Define Success More Broadly

A broader definition of success can serve as the foundation for a new DPS graduate profile and will have implications for assessment and accountability.

Share the Power

There must be a greater representation of student voice in decisions made by DPS and it has to be meaningful. We need to ensure power sharing is authentic in all decisions so that opportunities and resources are provided equally to all communities.

Lean into Equity

Equity means recognizing, supporting, and celebrating diversity and creating policies that reflect this ethos so that all DPS users feel comfortable and genuinely respected.

Life Skills

Students must be better prepared for the responsibilities and challenges of life after high school. Real World expectations can be met through obtaining financial literacy, communication, and collaborative skills.

Relevant Career Prep

Students need exposure and experience working to gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a chosen career. This will help nurture the need / drive to cultivate relevant knowledge.

School Based Design Lab Final Reports

Click here for a two-page overview of the first 2019 Design and Data Lab. The next Lab will take place throughout the spring of 2024. For more information, please reach out to Richard Maez (