There’s no better perspective on the educational needs of today’s students than the alumni who recently left the system and are finding out for themselves what knowledge and skills they need to navigate the inequitable systems and power structures awaiting them after high school. 


Ednium is built by and for alumni to serve the next generation. It is alumni who share insights, create solutions, and implement change through three mutually reinforcing strategies.

ednium triange.png

Design and Data Lab

Sourcing insights from alumni to understand experiences and develop policy priorities and programmatic initiatives. This Lab is where our research is conducted to support alumni initiatives, provide insights, and measure impact across our three strategic areas.

Leadership Launchpad

Flipping the notion of leadership development right-side-up, this program is designed to give DPS alumni a space to expand upon their communication and advocacy skills, policy knowledge, professional development, and social capital while holding true to their shared lived experiences.

Advocacy Accelerator

This is where the action happens. Alumni take the lead to move their initiatives  through implementation. Graduates of the Leadership Launchpad will utilize newfound skills, insights, and networks to lead and support advocacy efforts for their initiatives and the initiatives of their fellow alumni.